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  • How To Make Flan De Coco. How To Make Flan De Coco. 50576 plays Click on the pipe piece and then Click Rotate button to rotate.
  • House maid House maid 32654 plays Have you ever tried to treat yourself as a housemaid? Lets imagine you are a housemaid and today is your first day at work so you have to be little careful while finishing the job correctly and in time. In each level you have to do different duties such as cleaning the rooms, cooking etc within the allotted time otherwise you will lose the job.
  • Breakfast Cooking Game Breakfast Cooking Game 25158 plays Wake up in a shining morning and start the day in the best way. Prepare yourself a healthy breakfast and a fresh drink. This recipe is very quick to make if you pay attention and you don`t need any chef skills for it. Have fun cooking the breakfast!
  • HT83 love dating dress up HT83 love dating dress up 24695 plays The day for a romantic date with your love! Happy Summer Dating Dress the happy couple having fun in city.
  • Ice Cream Cocktail Ice Cream Cocktail 23680 plays last week luxi opened a cocktail ice cream bar and fast food outdoors.Summer has come, customers also take a bigger order.Help her make the delicious and beautiful cocktails to satisfy customers
  • Barbie Breakfast Barbie Breakfast 22087 plays Barbie is ready to get her day started! She must have a delicious breakfast to help her get through a long day of photo shoots. See if you can make her favorite breakfast.
  • Batter Fried Fish Batter Fried Fish 21351 plays Do you want to surprise your family with a surprise dinner? Learn to prepare this delicious fish by just following the instructions of this easy recipe and mix the ingredients.
  • Fish Decoration Fish Decoration 19844 plays Your father is a fisherman and on every week he brings you a lot of fish. Until now you tried various fish decoration but today it`s time for something different. A professional chef brought the fanciest decoration to you so you have many options. Try the best fish decoration and share it with us. Enjoy it!
  • Beach Serving Game Beach Serving Game 18938 plays Life on the beach is awesome. There is the place where you can get fun and forget about school, work or problems. Here is the place where you relax and do what you like to do. Last week you came on the beach and opened a new fast food stand in order to raise some money. Do this and take the orders from your customers.
  • Pizza Ready Pizza Ready 18791 plays You're running a hot pizza shop in a city at the time of Halloween and thanksgiving festival season. Lots of customers want pizza for there festivals. You are the only one person running the shop. Serve your customer within the time durations and satisfy them to come again and again. Have a great festival celebration.
  • Tessas Pizza Tessas Pizza 18585 plays This is a part of the Tessa Series about cooking. In this game you learn how to make a Summer Pizza Hawaii. Learn what ingredients you need and how to prepare them. See how to cut your ingredients and for how long you have to cook your dish or how long you have to put it in the oven. You also get... This is a part of the Tessa Series about cooking. In this game you learn how to make a Summer Pizza Hawaii. Learn what ingredients you need and how to prepare them. See how to cut your ingredients and for how long you have to cook your dish or how long you have to put it in the oven. You also get the recipe of this pizza to print it and prepare it at home, in your own kitchen.
  • How To Make Cotton Candy How To Make Cotton Candy 18460 plays A form of spun sugar. Since it is mostly air, servings are large. Cotton candy is often served at fairgrounds or circuses. Food coloring is used to change the natural white color.
  • Bratz Cookie Cake Bratz Cookie Cake 17805 plays It is Sashas birthday and her friends Cloe and Yasmin and the rest of the Bratz are making her a delicious cookie cake. See if you can help them make the tastiest cookie cake ever.
  • Breakfast in the Morning Breakfast in the Morning 17666 plays The morning breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Start your day eating a healthy food prepared by you. The eggs, the omlette, the sandwiches and the tea must look impeccable at your table so prepare them with your care. Enjoy your meal!
  • Wedding Cake Decoration Wedding Cake Decoration 16913 plays Decorate all the wedding cakes or choose only your favorite one!
  • Hot Dog Bush Hot Dog Bush 16870 plays "Ever wonder what President George "Dubya" Bush will be doing once he leaves the White House?
    Well, we wondered too and voted for him to run a hot dog stand, in the city that never sleeps - New York!"

    Start your hot-dog stand in the Bronx, earn your cash and try to move up to Wall Street.
  • Baby Corn Manchurian Baby Corn Manchurian 15954 plays Go through this recipe carefully and prepare this Baby Corn Manchurian for your family and friends.
  • Pizza Hut Cooking Pizza Hut Cooking 15629 plays Pizza Hut is one of our best Italian recipes and I am sure you are going to love it once you cook it. Try our different ingredients and enjoy the good tasting, the aspect and the odor also. Be your own family`s chef and make everybody be proud of you. Good luck!
  • Sisi Wants Toto's Cake Sisi Wants Toto's Cake 15290 plays Yummy, finger-licking cakes are all Toto's specialties. But Sisi, the cheeky cat, wants to taste them and enjoy their flavor as well. He needs to do good copies of Toto's cakes so he cam make his own delicious thee-layers cakes. So let's join Toto and Sisi in the kitchen, take a peak at Toto's cake and replicate it on Sisi's plate. Toto doesn't mind, since he is very happy someone appreciates his cooking talents and cake masterpieces. Decorate the cake using fruits, wiped-cream, candies, candles and even firecrackers, following Toto's recipe in each level. Sisi wants Toto's cake, so he is going to get it, right? The results are of course super yummy, so enjoy!
  • Make Cheese Omelettes Make Cheese Omelettes 14946 plays Its breakfast time and for today we will be making some flavorful cheese omelettes. This is a quick and easy breakfast food which also tastes great. Enjoy following the recipe as you combine the ingredients and cook your omelette in this cooking game.
  • Bella's Love Kitchen Bella's Love Kitchen 14899 plays Love and pizza: a match made in heaven!
  • Creation Cake Game Creation Cake Game 14846 plays In this game you are preparing the most beautiful and delicious cake ever. Hope that Very cute and funny cakes will be designed by you.
  • Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe 14804 plays Buttermilk Pancakes are very good especially for a morning breakfast. Learn to make them in a very easy way and all your mornings will be better. Delicious served with butter and pure maple syrup, your friends will love it. Enjoy it!
  • Bear Fisher Bear Fisher 14515 plays Bear finds a new profession Fisher!! Fishing Grilling and Selling are the vital activities have to be done in Bear s new profession.Assist Bear to be successful in his new profession. Attain the every level goal in stipulated period of time to get into higher levels.
  • McDrive Serving McDrive Serving 14402 plays It`s been a busy day at McDrive. Anybody is in hurry, all the customers want to receive their order in a very short time, they are busy with their jobs today. To manage proud the McDrive serving service we need you to serve the food to the people according to their requests. Make a good job here!
  • HT83 zombie cream game HT83 zombie cream game 14319 plays Play some fun cooking games online. Games are specially selected for girls and kids. Learn how to do cream.
  • Cherry Cup Cakes Cherry Cup Cakes 14290 plays These light-as-a-feather cupcakes make a stunning tea-time treat. Present them on their own mini doilies for a special occasion.
  • Shrimp Salad Shrimp Salad 14228 plays Seafood never tasted so good! Fry up some shrimp and add them to plate of lettuce, onions, peppers and your very own specialty sauce for a delicious nutritious twist on salad.

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